GRIT Freedom Chair at World’s End

This summer, a GRIT freedom chair is available for users at World's End.

This summer, a GRIT Freedom Chair is available for use by visitors to World’s End. This all-terrain wheelchair is designed to provide greater accessibility and independence for individuals with mobility challenges, allowing everyone to explore the trails and natural wonders of World’s End.

Here is an introductory video about the GRIT Freedom Chair

The Freedom Chair is available to reserve for free (with the price of admission), here.

Reserve the GRIT Freedom Chair

Please note a waiver will be required to be signed by users of the chair (to be shared onsite). The equipment is solely for use at World’s End and must be returned to the World’s End Gatehouse at the end of the reservation time.

On the day of the reservation, please arrive at World’s End, and feel free to park at the accessible space near the Gatehouse.

For questions about reserving the Freedom Chair, please contact

About GRIT

GRIT is a Medford-based company that designs and manufactures all-terrain wheelchairs aimed at providing greater mobility and independence for people with disabilities. Founded by a group of engineers from MIT, GRIT focuses on creating innovative mobility solutions that enable users to navigate various terrains that would be challenging with traditional wheelchairs.

a GRIT wheelchair, designed to provide access to rugged terrain to people with mobility challenges
Morning light shines through trees on a hillside
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