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Our Mobile Market brings fresh, certified organic vegetables into communities without farms or easy access to high quality, local produce.

Our Mobile Market food access program brings fresh, certified organic vegetables into communities without farms or easy access to high quality, local produce.  We currently serve over 350 member households in targeted Boston area neighborhoods where we partner with local organizations. The produce for our Mobile Market program is grown primarily at Trustees farms such as Appleton Farms, Chestnut Hill Farm and Powisset Farm. We also purchase supplemental organic vegetables from other Massachusetts producers.

The Mobile Market largely follows a Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model for households receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. SNAP is a federal program that provides debit cards to income qualifying households for the purchase of groceries. Massachusetts has developed a complimentary HIP which adds additional credit to households who utilize their SNAP benefits to purchase local fruits and vegetables from Massachusetts farms. This additional HIP benefit equates to $40, $60 or $80 each month depending on household size.

Each year from June through October, Mobile Market customers use their SNAP and HIP benefits to subscribe monthly to our Mobile Market CSA, with pickups every other week. Customers have the cost of the share covered though the HIP program, which will continue thanks to a ongoing, increased state investments inHIP, of more than $20 million this year. “The State’s annual commitment to HIP illustrates that they value providing a way for SNAP recipients to purchase organic and locally grown produce,” says Kyle Sandberg, Mobile Market Manager. “The Trustees, since we own significant farmland, plays a part in illustrating the ecosystem that is created between SNAP recipients and Trustees farms, and the value of such an ecosystem.”

Jennifer Core, Director of Agriculture for The Trustees, adds, “This unique Massachusetts program has transformed local farmers markets, farm stands, and farm stores from niche experiences for some to very real sources of food for everyone. In doing so, it has been a boon for local producers, supporting the local agrarian economy.”

As of August of 2022, Mobile Market locations include:

Orient Heights Redevelopment (East Boston): Fridays

Archdale Homes (Roslindale): Thursdays

Mass Pike Towers (Chinatown): Fridays

Castle Square (Chinatown): Fridays

Roxbury YMCA (Roxbury): Thursdays

Chelsea Salvation Army: Wednesdays

Green Roots (Chelsea): Thursdays

Georgetowne Housing (Hyde Park): Wednesdays

Please reach out if you’re interested in becoming a member in Mobile Market CSA or would like to discuss a pop-up market in your community. Contact us at

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