Ongoing Exhibit (Until November 1, 2022)

ViewEscapes: George Rickey Kinetic Sculpture

A dynamic exhibition of kinetic sculptures and art by George Rickey opens this April partnering with the George Rickey Foundation and the George Rickey estate.

The exhibit, entitled ViewEscapes features twelve large, outdoor sculptures that will be placed throughout the designed landscape. Inside the 44 acre “cottage” find eight more sculptures and three works of art, including Rickey’s interior tabletop works, hanging pieces, artwork, and archival documents.

George Warren Rickey (1907-2002), artist and kinetic sculptor, created geometric forms in stainless steel, polished metal, and painted surfaces that moved gracefully through space. His work was featured at the two exhibitions of Sculpture at Naumkeag in 1994 and 1997. Naumkeag was then and is an ideal setting for Rickey’s work. The garden spaces have numerous “viewscapes” for sculpture placement and the constant breeze along the hillside provides the energy that sets his works in motion.

ViewEscapes will officially open to the public during the Naumkeag Daffodil and Tulip Festival and be on view through November 2022. Special events designed to highlight the exhibition will also be offered throughout the duration of the exhibition, including a programs, lectures, and special fundraisers. Advance-reservations will be required for admission and limited tickets will be available for day-of tours on a first-come, first-served basis.


Funding for this exhibition has been provided by a generous challenge grant from Kate and Hans Morris, which raised additional support from the Claudia K. Perles Family Foundation, Joseph McNay and Paula Moats McNay, Luca Borghese and Michael Pierson, Mr. Randolph G. Hawthorne and Ms. Carliss Y. Baldwin, Mr. Stephen Oristaglio and Mrs. Jeryl Oristaglio, and Douglas Molin and Melanie Mowinski.

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