Kayakers line up for the Tully Lake Triathlon


7:30–8AMArrive at Tully Lake Campground (25 Doane Hill Rd, Royalston, MA) a little before 8AM to find a parking spot. We highly recommend carpooling! Parking is available at these locations:

  • On Doane Hill Road just west of the campground
  • At Tully River Canoe Launch on Doane Hill Road
  • At the trail head to Doane’s Falls on Doane Hill road
  • Additional parking is available at the dam if you want to warm up with a paddle (about 0.7 miles) or run to the campground (about 1.7 miles by trail or 1.2 miles by road)

8–9:30AMPick up your race packet at the campground ranger station starting at 8AM. If you are part of a team, only one person is required to pick up the packet. Your packet will have your race numbers and a bib for each team member, a number for your bike, and two numbers for the boat. Please make sure all numbers are in place before the start of the race. The bike number attaches to the front of the handlebars using the ties in your race packet. You will also find the timing chip. This must be worn around your ankle and for teams must be passed to the next member in each transition area. Do not leave the transition without it in place or your time will not be captured. Don’t forget to turn in the chip at the end of the race. There is a $25 replacement fee if not returned. While one team member is getting the race packet, the others can position the bike and boat into the transition areas. Don’t forget to attach the race numbers. The bike transition is to the right at the main entrance. The boat transition is at the end of the Red trail which is straight down the road past the station. If you need some last minute work on your bike Mike at Tomten Bike Town will be back again this year. He will be set up near the bike transition area.

9:30AMDon’t miss the pre-race meeting to review the race procedures and answer any questions you may have.

10–10:30AMIf you are an iron person make sure you have positioned everything you need in each transition area. The boat-to-run transition should have your running socks and shoes, towel, water bottle, etc. The run-to-bike needs to have your bike, bike shoes, helmet, water bottles, etc. If you are part of a team, make sure you know where your transition area is located and approximately when you need to be there. Be in the boat ready to go by start time. All racers must wear a life jacket. Please don’t wait to the last minute, as there is a relatively narrow area to move your boat into the water.

10:30AM: The race will start at 10:30AM. There will be buoys in the water to indicate the starting line. You must line up behind this line. Don’t let the wind or other racers move you past it. If you are in a recreational boat please let the racing boats line up in front of you.

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More Information

How do teams work?The race is a relay race where one member from each team does the run and the bike and one or two team members do the paddle. The timing chip is worn by the member doing the leg and then passed on to the member doing the next leg unless of course the same person is doing multiple legs. You can not have multiple people doing a leg and then take the best time.

BoatsWe allow either canoes or kayaks and they can be either recreational or race boats. Most racers use recreational boats but each year we get more and more serious racers who use race boats. Recreational kayaks must be under 13 feet. We have a limited supply of recreational boats that we rent at the campground.

BikesThe trail is a moderately difficult technical mountain bike trail. You need a true mountain bike! A hybrid or road bike will not work. Helmets are required. We now have bikes for rent at the campground. For information and to reserve one for the race please call the campground at 978-249-4957.

TrainingTully Lake and the mountain bike trail are open to the public every day. You are welcome to come and paddle, run, bike and even camp (reservation required)! If you stop in at the Ranger Station at the campground during the regular season we can explain the course, give you a map and show you the transition areas!

Safety for All

Please be aware that we have EMT’s at the campground for first aid. Report any accidents at the check points along the course.

During the paddle:

  • Please use proper etiquette and let any faster boats pass you.
  • Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) are required.
  • Beware of the rocks (painted white) in the shallow section of the river prior to the bridge.
  • Stay to right as you approach the turnaround point. There are boats moving in both directions after the turnaround.
  • When you reach the launch and are ready to exit your boat, there will be people there ready to help you. Let them know if you want help getting out of your boat or not.
  • It is the paddler’s responsibility to get the boat from the launch to the transition area. Team members cannot help. They must wait in the boat-to-run transition area.
  • Once the boat leg is done, if you are part of a team, help free up space by moving the boat to your car and out of the transition area. When you do this, please identify yourself with your race number to match the number on the boat.

During the run:

  • Make sure you run through the chute so we capture your time.
  • Water will be available at the dam approx. 2.5 miles into the run.
  • Much of the trail is single track. Please let faster runners pass.
  • The trail is marked with yellow blazes and some Tully Trail signs. We have yellow tape at some turns, and volunteers will direct you.

During the bike:

  • Cut-off to start bike leg is 1:30PM.
  • Helmets must be worn!
  • Be safe! The trail is technically challenging.
  • Much of the trail is single track. Please let faster bikers pass.
  • There will be one water stop at the northern end of the trail.
  • Timing stops at 3:00PM.

At the finish:

  • Congratulations!!!!!!
  • Keep moving to free up space.
  • Don’t forget to turn your chip in.
  • Please keep your bib on so we can we can match your numbers when you pick up your bike and boat. If someone else is picking up your bike or boat, please give them your race packet envelope as identification.
  • Enjoy the food and fun! There are free refreshments for racers and a free concert! You’ve earned it!