Settle In

  • For hands-on experiences explore The Lab on the 4th floor and the Process Gallery on the 3rd floor.
  • Take a quiet moment in the Reading Area in the the 3rd floor lobby with exhibition related books for all ages.
  • Don’t miss the Rappaport Roof Terrace on the 6th floor with year-round spectacular views of the pond and Park.

At the Museum Front Desk:

  • Check out a Family Activity Kit from the Front Desk to explore the Park through activities, questions, and materials.
  • Borrow clipboards, pencils, and paper.
  • Pick up a map to find the Family-Friendly Route through deCordova’s campus.
  • Listen to the Mystery Family Tour through your cell phone – look for the question mark icons on Park labels.

Tips to engage with the art:

Ask questions to encourage thinking and group conversations:

What do you notice?
How does it make you feel?
What could it be made from?

Look at the artworks from all angles to gain different perspectives:

Crouch, sit, or lie down
Stand far away
Circle around (if possible)
Use your whole body to imitate the shapes in the artwork.
Use your finger to trace lines in the air.
Draw what you see in the Museum or Sculpture Park. Sketching with pencils is encouraged, even in the galleries.

Continue the Conversation
  • In the Car
  • Learn and Engage

In the Car

  • What was the most memorable thing you saw today?
  • Look around your home, yard, and recycling bin! What suprising art-making materials can you find?
  • What will you create with these unconventional found materials?

Learn and Engage

Visit our two hands-on learning spaces, The Lab and The Process Gallery.

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