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New Formations Process Gallery

Dive deeper into deCordova’s exhibition, New Formations, in our newest hands-on learning environment as we explore some of the major themes of this exciting exhibition that celebrates movement, gathering, and the human form. Share a memory of a parade, protest, or march, write a love letter to the strength of your body, and play with the stacking form of the human pyramid. And transport yourself to 19th century seaside photo studios by playing with mirrors, optics, and multiple reflections in our human-sized photo multi-graph used by one of the artists in the exhibition.

Photo multi-graph

Process Gallery: New Formations

Process Gallery: New Formations

Process Gallery:  New Formations

The Lab: Rivers

It is said that one never steps in the same river twice, that the water is constantly moving and changing with the world around us. Water is a fundamental building block for life on Earth, and we rely on rivers to move water throughout our lands much like veins move blood throughout our bodies. Rivers are used for transportation, recreation, sustenance, and irrigation. They provide drinking water to people and animals, and while clean water is an essential human right that most of us take for granted, many people don’t have access to it. Today in The Lab, we share our appreciation for rivers and water, allowing ourselves to play on the floor of the riverbed, build waterways with blocks, learn about the water cycle, and manipulate the flow.

The Lab: Rivers

The Lab: Rivers

The Lab: Rivers

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  • Location and Logistics
  • Safety and Comfort

Location and Logistics

The Lab is located on the 4th floor of the Museum building on the hill.

When visiting The Lab, we suggest that you use front or backpacks for carrying young children.

If you need to bring a stroller, you can enter the Museum building either:

Through the front entrance facing the parking lot. You will need to take two different elevators to reach the 4th floor. Front desk staff can help direct you.

Through the Pondside Doors on the far side of the Museum facing the Pond. You will enter the Museum building on the 3rd floor and will need to take one elevator to reach the 4th Floor.

Please bring strollers inside The Lab with you so that they do not interfere with the gallery exhibitions and group tours.

Please hold your children’s hands while walking through the Museum galleries to keep both people and art safe.

Safety and Comfort

Touching is absolutely allowed in The Lab, as well as in the Process Gallery and Reading Area on the 3rd floor. However, it is not allowed in any of the other Museum galleries.

Food and drink are not allowed anywhere in the Museum building. Please enjoy these in the Park or in the courtyard.

Please leave The Lab for others as you found it.

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