Appleton Farms CSA Info

What to expect with your Appleton Farms CSA share.

Each Share Includes:

  • We aim to provide one grocery bag (more or less) of sustainably grown produce each week, for approximately a 20-week harvest season. One share is designed for two people who enjoy cooking, or for a family of four.
  • Pick-your-own crops, such as strawberries, peas, beans, herbs, cherry tomatoes and flowers.
  • A weekly farmer’s blog post during the harvest season.
  • Opportunities for adults and children to volunteer on the farm and to enjoy seasonal events.

“Mix-And-Match” Share
The farmers aim to provide free choice within a Mix-and-Match system. Mix-and-Match works like this: the farm crew sets up the farm stand in the distribution barn with all of the day’s harvest. Each week shareholders are offered a certain volume of food, usually one grocery bag. Each shareholder can select what they’d like to take to fill up the bag, so every share is different depending on the shareholder’s taste. During the first week or two of each season, we often offer an itemized share, moving into Mix-and-Match by the end of June. Since each crop has its prime season, we won’t always have everything, but we will have a wide variety of choices every week. Shareholders can expect to find 15-30 crops to choose from each week.

Invariably, one or several crops each week will be in short supply, and will be “limited” in the share bag that week. Pick-your-own crops are often offered as an addition bonus on top of the volume based share.

In all, we grow close to 200 varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers, and a few fruits (strawberries and watermelon). We don’t grow perennial crops, such as tree fruits, raspberries & blueberries, or asparagus.

Produce to Expect Through The Season:
June – lettuce, greens, radishes, scallions, salad turnips, peas, strawberries
July – beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, beans, summer squash, cucumbers, flowers, herbs
August – eggplant, melons, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, peppers
September – winter squash, leeks, turnips, cauliflower, broccoli, garlic
October – Brussels’ sprouts, sweet potatoes, parsnips and lots of root crops, spinach, kale and collards

CSA Crops Planned for the Season:

  • Basil   –   Eleonora, Genovese, Mrs. Burns’ Lemon, Sweet Thai, Tuscany
  • Beans   –   Dragon Tongue, Provider, Royal Burgandy, sv100fg,
  • Beets   –   Boldor, Chioggia Guardsmark, Early Wonder Tall Top, Red Ace
  • Bok choi   –   Black Summer, Mei Quing
  • Broccoli   –   Arcadia, Belstar, Blue Wind, Fiesta, Green Magic, Gypsy, Lieutenant
  • Brussel sprouts   –   Dagan, Doric, Nautic
  • Cabbage   –   Alcosa, Bronco, Caraflex, Deadon, Farao, Integro, Saratoga, Storage No. 4, Tendersweet
  • Carrots   –   Bolero, Mokum, Rainbow, Romance
  • Cauliflower   –   Adona, Denali, Janvel, Veronica
  • Celeriac   –   Brilliant, Mars
  • Chard   –   Bright Lights
  • Chicory   –   Indigo, Natacha
  • Cilantro   –   Santo
  • Collards   –   Flash
  • Cukes   –   Marketmore, Max Pack, Olympian, Manny, Calpyso, SV4719CS
  • Dill   –   Bouquet
  • Eggplant   –   Beatrice, Dancer, Natia, Orient Express
  • Eggplant   –   Dancer
  • Eggplant   –   Nadia
  • Eggplant   –   Orient Express
  • Fennel   –   Fino, Orion, Preludio
  • Flower   –   Ageratum, Bachelors Button, Cosmos, Dianthus, Gomphrena, Nigella, Phlox, Rudbeckia, Salvia, Statice, Strawflower, Zinnia
  • Garlic   –
  • Greens   –   Arugula, Green Wave, Red Giant Mustard, Mizuna, Raab, Red Russian Kale, Shanghi Green Choi, Tatsoi, Wasabina
  • Husk cherry   –   Goldie
  • Kale   –   Lacinato, Redbor, Winterbor
  • Kohlrabi   –   Kolibri, Quickstar
  • Leeks   –   Lexton, Megaton
  • Lettuce   –   Adriana, Alkindus, Bergams Green, Cherokee, Coastal Star, Concept, Crispino, Green Forest, Green Star, Mirlo, Muir, Nevada, New Red Fire, Newham, Panisse, Rouxai, Ruby Sky, Salvius, Skyphos, Starfighter, Thurinus, Vulcan
  • Melon   –   Athena, Goddess
  • Napa cabbage   –   Red Dragon, Rubicon
  • Onions, fresh   –   Ailsa Craig, Cortland, Pontiac, Redwing
  • Parsley   –   Giant of Italy
  • Parsnips   –   Javelin
  • Peas   –   Oregon Giant, Premium, Sugar Ann, Super Sugar Snap
  • Peppers   –   Ace, Carmen, Flavorburst, Oranos, Red Knight
  • Peppers, hot   –   Bastan, Capperion, El Jefe, Helios, Hod Rod, Hungarian Hot Wax, Red Rocket, Thai Hot
  • Popcorn   –   Robust 997
  • Potatoes   –   Chieftan, Kennebec, Natascha, Reddale, Satina
  • Herbs   –   Chives, Common Sage, German Thyme, Greek Oregano, Rosemary, Summer Savory
  • Radish   –   Alpine, Bacchus, Cherriette, D’Avingnon, Rover, Watermelon
  • Rutabega   –   Laurentian
  • Salad turnip   –   Hakurei
  • Scallions   –   Guardsman, White Spear
  • Shallots   –   Conservor
  • Spinach   –   Emporer, Gazelle, Space, Woodpecker
  • Strawberry   –   Cabot, Cavendish, Earliglow, Jewel
  • Summer squash   –   Dario, Dunja, Slick Pik, Spineless Perfection, Success PM Straightneck
  • Sunflower   –   Procut, Sunbright, Sunrich
  • Tomatillo   –   Toma verde
  • Tomatoes, cherry   –   Black Cherry, Indigo, Jasper, Mountain Magic, Sungold, Sunpeach
  • Tomatoes, plum   –   Granadero, Plum Regal
  • Tomatoes, plum   –   Plum regal
  • Tomatoes, heirloom   –   Cherokee, Prudence Purple, Striped German, Valencia
  • Tomatoes, field   –   Big Beef, Damsel, Defiant, Polbig, Iron Lady, Mountain Merit
  • Turnips   –   Purple Top
  • Watermelon   –   Starlight
  • Winter squash   –   Bonbon, Delicata, JWS 6823 PMR, Pinnacle, Racer, Sunshine, Tip top PMR, Waltham, Winter Sweet

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