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MV OSV Updates

Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge and Leland Beach OSV Access Updates

2023 Updates

This shorebird season, in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Marine Fisheries (DMF), the owners of Leland Beach, we are piloting a new approach to OSV access. This new approach will apply where there are non-listed species of shorebirds nesting (American Oystercatchers).

This approach to the protection of non-listed species is different from our approach on Trustees owned properties, including Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge, Long Point Wildlife Refuge and Wasque Reservation. If you are interested in learning more about what a non-listed species is, and why we protect them at Trustees properties, please click here.

Leland Beach Approach:

  • Non-listed nest areas will be fenced by a 10ft to 20ft radius.
  • 5 MPH speed limits will be strictly enforced in areas where chicks are present. Violations will result in a permit strike and revocation, first and second offense respectively.
  • OSV trails in locations where non-listed chicks are present will be closed overnight from 5pm to 9am.
  • Rangers or volunteers are available on the beach to provide additional information.
  • If there are ten or more violations in one week, we will revert back to The Trustees longstanding policy for the protection of non-listed shorebirds.
  • The Trustees will continue to protect non-listed shorebird species on its Vineyard properties including Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge, and other Trustees properties per our organizational non-listed species policy.
  • There will be no changes to our practices for listed species at any Trustees owned or managed beaches

Please help us protect non-listed shorebirds and open OSV trails at Leland Beach. For more details on this pilot at Leland Beach, click here.