Property History

Saved by "The Cobblers"

The history of Tyringham Cobble

In the late-18th century, pioneer farmers cleared the forested slopes of what was then called “Cobble Hill.” The population of Tyringham grew rapidly, and included Shakers who, by the 1840s, owned an extensive 2,000-acre farm holding including Tyringham Cobble, where they pastured cattle and sheep. By 1885, the dwindling group of Shakers had sold out and moved to other communities at Hancock, MA and Enfield, CT where farming was more profitable.

Subsequent farmers grazed sheep in the Cobble’s pastures and hillsides, and, later, introduced a small herd of dairy cattle.

Today, Hereford cattle graze fenced pastures, while other fields are for hay—uses that preserve the historic agricultural character of the property.

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