Solar panels on LEED-certified building


Living and working in ways that support the health and vitality of our communities and our planet – not just for today but for generations to come – is at the heart of our vision of healthy, active, and green communities across the Commonwealth.

Climate change is challenging everything we care about and all that we stand for. We’re taking action by reducing our carbon footprint to net zero, nurturing the health of our landscapes, and inspiring and energizing people to act.

But it’s much more than simply a focus on climate change alone. It’s fostering the growth of local food and farms and community gardens. It’s making sure we do our part to manage invasive plant species and protect rare species. It’s something as simple as mowing less. It’s something as grand as capturing the power of the wind and the sun. It’s creatively making an old farm (the oldest working farm in America!) go carbon-neutral. It’s going green with our buildings, new and old.

Our list may be ever changing, but we’re committed to doing our part to make Massachusetts a sustainable place to call home.

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