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Haskell Public Gardens

Thank you for your interest in submitting your photos of Trustees reservations for use on our website!

We encourage you to share your favorite photos from visits to our special places. Our website includes photo galleries at the bottom every reservation’s page–called “The View From Here”–which we hope to fill with images of memorable visits by our Members and friends. Please follow the simple steps below to submit your photos.

To make a submission:

  • Image Resolution: The larger the file, the better. If sending a photo from your smartphone, choose Actual Size. If that is too large to send, then pick the next highest size.
  • Location and Name: Save your photos with a filename that includes the name of the reservation and your name as you would like it to appear in a small credit on the photo. If you would like us not to include photo credit information, simply leave your name off of the filename. Please make sure the name of the reservation is in the filename, so we know exactly where you were.
  • Send your photo by email to – send only one photo attached to each email, please.
  • While we are grateful for any photos you would like to share, we ask that you please share only your absolute favorites—we are not able to review more than a few at a time.

The Fine Print:

When you submit a photo, you are granting The Trustees the right to use that image on in various communications, as it deems best. No compensation will be given for any photos submitted through this method, nor is there any guarantee being made that your submission will be used on the Trustees website. Please remember to submit only your absolute favorites. Note: the email address for submissions will be monitored periodically, and we may not be able to respond to questions or specific comments about your submissions.

Thank you!

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