How is the Prize Awarded? 
Each year deCordova invites art professionals from around the country—museum directors, curators, other artists, and past winners—to nominate artists for the prize based on set criteria. Each nominee must:

  • Produce artwork of exceptional quality
  • Demonstrate excellence and leadership in their chosen practice
  • Engage with aesthetic issues which have had a significant impact on contemporary art
  • Have a relationship to New England—whether they were born, educated, resided, or currently reside in the region.

All media are considered and the Museum does not discriminate based on age, financial status, reputation, race, sexual orientation, or gender. After reviewing the nominations, as well as suggesting their own nominations, deCordova’s curators and Director meet with an outside jury to select the Prize winner. Each year, deCordova invites new jury members who have significant knowledge of New England’s art scene to assist in the selection process.

Applications or unsolicited nominations are not accepted for the Prize. The Rappaport Foundation does not influence the decision-making process.

Past Recipients

2023 Tomashi Jackson
2022 Steve Locke
2021 Katherine Bradford 
2020 Sonya Clark
2019 Daniela Rivera
2018 Titus Kaphar 
2017 Sam Durant 
2016 Barkley Hendricks 
2015 Matt Saunders 
2014 Liz Deschenes 
2013 Ann Pibal 
2012 Suara Welitoff 
2011 Orly Genger 
2010 Liza Johnson 
2009 Dave Cole
2008 Ursula von Rydingsvard 
2007 Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons 
2006 Abelardo Morell 
2005 Sarah Walker 
2004 Debra Olin 
2003 John Bisbee 
2002 Lars-Erik Fisk 
2001 Annee Spileos Scott 
2000 Jennifer Hall 

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