Long Hill seeks to be the focal point for horticultural and gardening education both within The Trustees and on the North Shore. This vision is realized through a mixture of innovative and immersive programming and high-profile events along with innovative interpretation, designed for all ages and all levels of expertise. Though the grounds of Long Hill will serve as a large outdoor learning laboratory, traditional learning opportunities will take place within the Horticultural Learning Campus. This new area includes indoor classrooms for workshops, talks, family programs, school groups, and more. It also features a greenhouse, indoor ‘dirty’ workspace with workbenches and tables, and an outdoor gathering space for small outdoor classes. We also have a large outdoor lecture space under a tent with room for up to 150 people.

Coco McCabe

Public Programs

The educational programs at Long Hill are themed around the ‘science’ of horticulture, focusing on plant ID, botany, soils, gardening skills, propagation, pruning, and more. The goal of the education program is to inspire the gardener with comprehensive tours, hands-on workshops, and engaging lectures within the historically significant garden but with modern trends, techniques, and today’s experts. Programs comprise both single day and multi-session activities, delivered by The Trustees horticulture team and external experts. We also will have lectures by national and international industry experts, plant sales, garden tours, docent training program and more. For a full list of our programs, please click here.

Coco McCabe

  • Library
  • K-12 Programs


At our library, we encourage our visitors to take a book off the shelf and be inspired to go home and garden. We have an extension collection of horticulture-themed books on a wide range of topics, including garden design, plant ID, wildlife, international gardens, and so much more. We also have created sections where you can read more about the plants in bloom in our garden by month.

K-12 Programs

Long Hill provides a wide assortment of enrichment opportunities to K-12 students and educators. We have classes and field study courses aimed specifically at school groups and youth organizations, designed with specific ages and curriculums in mind, immersive and hands-on learning. These programs are themed around gardening, nature, and wellness.