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Integrating Armstrong-Kelley Park

Campaign underway to establish Osterville’s 8.5-acre oasis as a new Trustees reservation

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In a late-Spring 2020 vote, the Cape Cod Horticultural Society (CCHS)—which owns and maintains 8.5-acre Armstrong-Kelley Park in the village of Osterville—has approved a plan to be integrated into The Trusteespending the completion of a fund-raising campaign. 

Armstrong-Kelley ParkCCHS’s only landholding, is a garden and woodland oasis and treasured community resource, providing residents and visitors alike with a peaceful place to stroll, engaging activities, and a space for celebrations. Through this integration, Armstrong-Kelley Park will become a Trustees reservation, and its twelfth public garden, ensuring its protection from development and its ongoing maintenance and care in perpetuity. Trustees and CCHS—which has cared for the park since 1930—will begin a collaborative effort towards a comprehensive master plan for the enhancement and revitalization of Armstrong-Kelley Park

A campaign is now underway to raise $2.25 million for restoration and expansion of the gardens, and improvements in parking and circulationas well as ongoing community programming, property stewardship, and horticultural staffing. For more about Armstrong-Kelley Park and plans for its future, and to contribute to the fund-raising effort to secure the integration, please peruse this page, including the links to donate or get answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), and view the video. 

The future of Osterville's Armstrong-Kelley Park.

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Master Plan

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Find answers to most questions about the integration of Cape Cod Horticultural Society and Armstrong-Kelley Park with The Trustees here:

AKP FAQ for web_July2020


Info Sheet

Get more information and details on the campaign: Armstrong-Kelley Park handout

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