Charles Eliot Award

Conservationist of the Year

Awardees List

Each year, The Trustees recognizes those who have made significant impacts for conservation in Massachusetts with the prestigious Charles Eliot Award. The award winners are:

Conservationist of the Year*

2023                  Wilmot R. Hastings (posthumously)
2022                  Olmsted Now: The National Park Service
                                    and The Emerald Necklace Conservancy
2021                  Cape Cod Horticultural Society
2020                  The Crocker Family
2019                  Edward H. “Ted” Ladd
2018                  Amos B. Hostetter, Jr.
2017                  Peter Shelley
2016                  National Park Service
2015                  Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund
2014                  Deval Patrick
2013                  Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance (SEEAL)
2012                  Land Trust Board of the South End and Lower Roxbury Open Space Land Trust
2011                  Mimi Batchelder-Brown and the Batchelder Family Trust
2010                 May Lisa Wong and the Fitchburg Greenway Committee
2009                Sisters of Providence
2008                Groundwork Lawrence and Groundwork Somerville
2007                Community Preservation Coalition
2006                The Barnes Family
2004                Town of Rochester
2003                Alison Coolidge, Tom Boreiko
2002                Antonia Lake, Steffan Phlen (posthumously), and Harriet Phlen
2001                 Lyman Family and Polly Thayer Starr
2000                 Len and Roslyn Harrington
1999                 The Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust (DNRT)
1998                 Pamela Weatherbee
1997                  Joel Lerner
1996                  Louise I. Doyle
1995                  Alan French
1994                  Marian Thornton
1993                  Greg Watson
1992                  John and Catherine Lastavica
1990                  Al Creighton
1989                  Kingsbury Brown, Jr., Esq., and Stephen J. Small, Esq.
1988                  Frederic Winthrop Jr.
1987                  Kelly McClintock
1979                  Persis Louise Sterling and M. Jean Foley
1978                  Janet Wilder Dakin
1977                  Robert S. Russell
1976                  Frederick T. Pratt
1975                  John W. Peirce
1974                  Thomas D. Cabot
1973                  Richard Borden
1972                  Morgan G. Bulkeley
1971                  Mrs. Horatio Rogers
1970                  Mrs. Seth Wakeman
1969                  Charles W. Eliot, II
1968                  People of Hingham and the South Shore
1967                  Charles H. W. Foster
1965                  Allen H. Morgan
1964                  Dr. George C. Shattuck
1963                  Donald B. Miller
1962                  Hon. Leverett Saltonstall
1961                  William Roger Greeley
1960                  Hon. Francis W. Sargent
1959                  Dr. Joel E. Goldthwait
1958                  George Burnham Wells
1957                  Fred Smith
1956                  Arthur Theodore Lyman
1955                  Robert Walcott
1954                  Benton MacKaye
1953                  Walter Prichard Eaton
1952                  Charles Russell Mason
1951                  Louise du Pont Crowninshield
1950                  Fairfield Osborn
1949                  Laurence Brown Fletcher
1948                  Harris Aquilla Reynolds
1947                  Harlan Page Kelsey
1946                  Charles Sumner Bird
1945                  Jay Norwood Darling
1944                  William Sumner Appleton
1943                  Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr.
1942                  Robert Moses
1941                  Newton Bishop Drury
1940                  Mrs. James J. Storrow
1939                  John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
1938                  Mrs. S.V.R. Crosby
1937                  John S. Ames
1936                  William P. Wharton
1935                  Samuel W. York
1934                  Dr. John C. Phillips

Charles Eliot Award**

2012                Mayor Thomas Menino
2010                Dr. David R. Foster
2008               William Clendaniel
2007               Genie Beal, Norton Sloan
2004               Herbert W. Vaughan
2001               Secretary Bob Durand and the Staff of Massachusetts Executive Office of Environment Affairs Land Conservation Team
2000             Al Creighton
1999              Harry and Gale Guild
1997              John Kimball
1996             Mass Audubon Society
1991              Gordon Abbott Jr., Patrick F. Noonan 

*    Prior to 1992, this award was referred to as the Conservationist Award. In 2015, this award was merged with the Charles Eliot Award.

** This award was established in 1991 as part of The Trustees 100th Anniversary celebration.


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