Property History

An Ambassador's Summer Retreat

The history of Bullitt Reservation

This 265-acre parcel was part of the 365-acre former estate of Ambassador William C. Bullitt, and his daughter, Anne Bullitt. William C. Bullitt (1891–1967) was an American diplomat, journalist, and novelist, and is best known for his role as the first U. S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union and his service as the Ambassador to France, which began in 1936. Abundant with a mix of forests, fields, and streams, which provide natural habitat for numerous wildlife and a diversity of species, the property was enjoyed as a summer home by the Bullitt family for many years. It was the wish of Anne Bullitt that the Bullitt property be conserved and the legacy of her father be carried on at the site for the community and future generations to enjoy. Thanks to the generosity and foresight of the Bullitt Foundation, 103 acres of the former estate had previously been preserved through a conservation restriction donated to The Trustees of Reservations in 2008.

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