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Becket Historic Quarry & Forest

The former Chester-Hudson Quarry: Abandoned, rusted, and now revived

In part, Becket Historic Quarry and Forest is an archaeological record of New England’s industrial heritage left in situ. But since the late 1990s, after the Becket Land Trust (BLT) prevented the quarry’s commercial revival, it’s grown into a cherished recreation destination with miles of trails alongside vital forest and wildlife management areas. In October 2021, after swelling crowds compelled the land trust to find a partner to take ownership of the site, The Trustees assumed management of the property, breathing new life across 280 enigmatic acres.

Feats of Stone

From its beginnings in the 1860s, The Chester-Hudson Granite Quarry earned a reputation for extracting Chester blue granite, a high-quality stone primarily used to construct tombstones and other monuments—mementos in high demand in the years following the Civil War. Over time, the operation accumulated a variety of winches, generators, and other heavy equipment powered by steam and compressed air for wresting raw material. 

But the quarry eventually fell on hard times, struggling financially before ultimately becoming insolvent in the 1940s. (Most of the machines on site date to the 1920s and 30s, suggesting the owners removed the most expensive equipment before the operation shut down for good.)

Photo courtesy Becket Land Trust

Photo courtesy Becket Land Trust

Towering 55 feet over the quarry pit, the "guy derrick" was used to hoist blocks of granite. (Courtesy Christopher M. O'Connor)

Industrial scenery scattered throughout the site offers a glimpse into the past. (Courtesy Christopher M. O'Connor)

Roots of Preservation

About half a century later, local residents founded the Becket Land Trust to spread ecological awareness in the area. Soon after, they discovered that a stone mining operation intended to reactivate the quarry to source paving material for Boston’s Big Dig. But in 1999, the nonprofit land trust galvanized citizens around an alternative, raising funds to acquire the property for recreation and historic preservation. In just three months, the grassroots initiative raised $300,000 from hundreds of families.

With the property secured, the land trust—whose board members had expertise in forestry and museums—shaped the landscape into a destination for recreation, history, and conservation. Seven miles of hiking and cross-country skiing trails wind through the property, some of which trace the quarry’s original transport routes. The trust also established 20 acres of oak regeneration forest and 40 acres of New England cottontail management area. The land trust also produced a series of interpretive panels that provide in-depth explanations of the heavy equipment on display.

But with only a handful of staff and growing renown, the Becket Land Trust was stretched thin. After welcoming some 14,000 pandemic-weary visitors in 2020— an all-time high—the team searched for an outside partner to assume ownership and maintenance, and approached The Trustees. After BLT raised the initial dollars to endow the property’s stewardship, The Trustees matched the funds and the arrangement was complete.

“The decades of dedication and hard work from Becket Land Trust helped make Becket Historic Quarry and Forest a singular destination in the western Berkshires, drawing visitors from all over to experience its intriguing history and ecology,” said John Judge, Trustees President and CEO. “We’re honored to step in and use everything we have to ensure the legacy of this unique property continues in perpetuity.”

Adapted from “Rocks, Rust, Revival,” Special Places Fall 2022

(Header photo courtesy Becket Land Trust)

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