ARTfull at Home

January 8, Henry's Night

December 11, In A Jar

November 13, A House is a House for Me

October 9, The Big Umbrella

July 10, Junkyard

April 24, Here We Are

June 19, Square

June 12, The Fox and the Star

June 5, Tiny Perfect Things

May 29, The Listening Walk

May 22, Its Not Easy Being A Bunny

May 15, Sky Color

May 8, Hector the Collector

May 1, Line 135

April 21, Henry's Map

April 17, The Dark

March 27, Iggy Peck Architect

  • Henry's Night
  • In A Jar
  • A House is a House for Me
  • The Big Umbrella
  • Junkyard
  • Square
  • tiny, perfect things

Henry's Night

Written by D.B. Johnson and Linda Michelin
Illustrated by D.B. Johnson

Henry the Bear is inspired by the real-life Henry David Thoreau. Both Henrys explore the world with all of their senses. They feel each bit of gravel under the soles of their feet. They hear each crunches with each step. They sniff the air to learn more about where their adventures are taking them. Think about the power of your senses. Take a moment and explore your world through senses. Write a journal like Henry David Thoreau did to document your sensory adventure with words, sketches, and even samples of nature to remind you of where you’ve been and prompt future investigations

In A Jar

By Deborah Marcero 

 Collections come in all shapes, sizes, and containers. Whats your collection? How did you decide what to collect? How do you display or store those precious items? A joy with collections is sharing them. Share a bit of your collection with a friend or loved one, especially someone you haven’t seen in some time. Nothing is better than receiving a surprise from someone you love. 

A House is a House for Me

Written by Mary Ann Hoberman Illustrated by Betty Fraser 

Between words and pictures in this story we see lots of houses: for people, animals, food, and other imaginable things. Look around you right now. What houses do you see? We can build all kinds of houses inside and outside. Construct house or more than oneUse blocks, branches, fabric, paper, to start. But what about a memory? What can you create to house a memory? 

The Big Umbrella

By Amy June Bates and her daughter, Juniper Bates 

Did you notice all the kinds of people (and creatures) under the umbrella? Let’s be the leaders of a community who respects, looks after, and celebrates everyone. Let’s create artwork that shows a celebration of likeness and differences – of many colors, textures, and shapes. Perhaps it’s a collage. Perhaps it’s a mobile. Perhaps it’s a collection of sticks painted and bound together. Perhaps it’s a drawing of a big comfy couch and happy sitters getting cozy together. 


By Mike Austin  

Create a playscape for insects or fairies or another small being. Your playscape can be inside or outside. What kind of materials can you salvage from your recycling bin? Check with a grownup to make sure the items you’re using don’t have any broken or sharp pieces. 


By Mac Barnett & Jon Klassen 

Sometimes someone else sees us more clearly than we see ourselves. Circle saw the artist in Square. She celebrated him, even when he doubted himself. To Square, his art might have been an accident. To Circle, his art was perfect. Create a sculpture. Use objects from inside or outside your home. Even if you feel so-so about it ask another person what they think. I’m sure they’ll see the art and something special in your sculpture just like Circle did for Square! 

tiny, perfect things

Written by M. H. Clark  Illustrated by Madeline Kloepper 

 What tiny, perfect things will you find inside or outside your home? What draws your attention? Why that special small object? Collect them. Sort them by shape, by texture, by weight, by color. How many artworks can you create by arranging them and then re-arranging them?