Our Supporters

The incredible advancements we have made in giving people unparalleled outdoor recreation opportunities, over the course of these past four years, were only possible thanks to generous contributions from our campaign donors. On behalf of The Trustees staff, volunteers, and our more than 2 million annual visitors, we are deeply grateful to the following members of our Momentum Campaign Committee, our Strategic Plan Committee: 

Strategic Plan Committee:
Peter B. Coffin
David D. Croll
Thomas D. French
Brian M. Kinney
Robert Mason
Eunice J. Panetta
Cyrus Taraporevala
Phyllis Robin Yale 

Momentum Campaign Committee:
Ted Ladd – Committee Co-chair
Eunice J. Panetta – Committee Co-chair
Peter B. Coffin
David D. Croll
Elizabeth de Montrichard
Phil Edmundson
Edward Garmey

Additionally, we are grateful to our Development Team Members integral to the Momentum Campaign:
Ed Wilson, Chief of Development & Strategic Partnerships
Alaina Spaziani, Managing Director of Campaign Strategy & Development Operations