Make an Impact as a Trustees Volunteer

Volunteers are an essential and invaluable part of our community and our work.


One way that many of us can and do lend a helping hand is through the act of volunteering.

Dedicated, enthusiastic, and passionate volunteers are crucial to the efforts of many nonprofit organizations like The Trustees. Volunteers give of themselves freely, not because they are paid to do so, but because they believe in the mission, the work, and being involved in their community in a way that creates a positive impact, whether it’s for other people or the planet.  

Just a few of the many opportunities include:

Being a tour guide at Appleton Farms
Working in the greenhouses of Allen C. Haskell Public Gardens 
Leading recreational or education hikes with our Outdoor Experiences Team
Greeting visitors as a park ambassador at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

You can also volunteer with your Corporate Group or Community Organization 

 Visit our volunteer page to see all the currently available opportunities, including some high priority options. 

“I volunteer with The Trustees for a few simple reasons,” says Mark Johnson, a longtime volunteer at Appleton Farms. “First, I get to spend time outdoors, get my hands dirty, enjoy the sights and sounds, and recharge my batteries a bit. Second, I take pride in participating in the preservation of some of the commonwealth’s special places and in helping make sure that others have the opportunity to experience them as well.  And last, but certainly not least, I volunteer because it is a lot of fun.” 

As diverse as the reasons why they volunteer, equally numerous are the ways to get involved. “Across an organization as large as The Trustees, there is something you can do,” notes Robert Havasy, a volunteer steward at Rock House and several other properties. “Outside, inside, around people, or by yourself, there is something for everyone in every corner of Massachusetts.” 

That range of opportunities is one reason why 1,000 active individual volunteers completed 78,174.03 volunteer hours from April 1, 2022 to February 28, 2023. That doesn’t include the additional 627 volunteers from 21 corporate groups and 488 volunteers from 23 community groups who also lent a hand over that time. A number of those volunteers also became part- or full-time staff members at a variety of our properties.  

“Volunteers overwhelmingly express enormous satisfaction with their volunteer experiences, most often citing the wonderful working relationships they form with staff and other volunteers,” says Bob Bowers, Trustees Director of Volunteer Services. “The experience of serving the mission, being part of a community, learning and developing skills, and having fun are consistently valued by volunteers as richly rewarding.” 

Those sentiments are echoed by Diane Ciuffetti Geis, a master gardener and volunteer at Long Hill and Castle Hill, who notes, “I especially enjoy the camaraderie that occurs when working with other skilled and knowledgeable people. Helping other volunteers who might want to learn more about gardening is exceedingly fulfilling.” 

For anyone considering volunteering with us, Mary Ann Richardson, volunteer Patrol Director for the Notchview Nordic Ski Patrol puts it succinctly, “Find your passion and offer to build your dream.  You will be amazed at the support you will receive from The Trustees.”  


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