Saturday, May 25, 2024

Salamanders & Toads: Ephemeral Pool Explorer H...


About Salamanders & Toads: Ephemeral Pool Explorer Hike at Copicut Woods

What’s a vernal pool? During this family-friendly hike, you’ll learn about these ephemeral wonders and investigate how nature changes in the spring season. Vernal pool hikes are extra special at Copicut Woods, where you can look and listen for woodpeckers at field edges and warblers in the thickets. You’ll also wander along Shockley trail and, deeper into the woods, past brooks and giant boulders, rock outcrops, and cellar holes. Magnifying glasses and binoculars will be provided to best appreciate the wildflowers, tadpoles, and other signs of spring!

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Parking is available at the entrance to the trailhead.

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