Crane Beach Permit FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding the Crane Beach parking permit.

Sarah Rydgren

Q: What is a Crane Beach Permit?A: A Crane Beach Parking Permit allows you (and everyone in your vehicle) to park at Crane Beach for no additional charge all day, every day, for one full year.

Q: Do I have to be a Trustees Member to purchase a Permit? A: Yes! The special savings Members receive with the Crane Beach Permit Program does require you to have an active Trustees Membership.

Q: As a Member, do I need to have a Permit to visit Crane Beach?A: No, Members who do not wish to purchase a Crane Beach Permit may show their valid Membership card at the Crane Beach Gatehouse (during the offseason) or enter their information online when reserving advanced tickets (during summer season) to receive the Member discount.

Q: In 2022, do I also need to reserve a parking pass even if I have a Crane Beach Permit? A: Advance Passes are required for weekends only beginning September 12, 2022.

Q: What is the release schedule for passes? A: Beginning September 15th, 2022 passes are released at noon on Thursdays for the following Friday through Thursday.

Q: Why are advanced tickets still required even though COVID-19 restrictions are lifting statewide? A: The Trustees are committed to welcoming as many visitors as safely possible to all our special places, including Crane Beach. Advanced ticketing provides us with the ability to maximize our resources and ensure we provide access to as many visitors as possible while still delivering a safe and efficient visitor experience.  

Q: How much does a Permit cost? A: Crane Beach Permits are an incredible value at $85 per Permit. Certain Membership levels include one or two complimentary Permits as part of that Membership level (see next question.)

Q: How many Permits can I purchase? A: When purchasing/requesting Permits, note that vehicles must be registered to the address listed on your Membership.

  • Individual Members may purchase one Permit.
  • Family and Contributing Members may purchase up to two Permits.
  • Supporting Members are eligible to receive one complimentary Permit* at no additional cost and may also purchase a second Permit.
  • Sustaining and Sponsor Members are eligible to request up to two complimentary Permits* at no cost.

*NOTE: Complimentary Permits must be requested at the time of your Membership gift and cannot be retroactively added.

Q: When and how will I receive my Permit? A: Permits will be mailed to the address listed on your Membership record within 30 days of purchase and will arrive with your new or updated Membership cards.

Q: When do Permits expire? A: Your Crane Beach Permit expires at the same time as your Membership. If you do not renew your Membership at the same time you purchase your Permit, your Permit will expire with your current Membership expiration.

Q: If I have a valid Permit on my car, am I guaranteed parking? A: A Crane Beach Permit does not guarantee you a parking space. Once our parking lot is filled or advanced tickets sell out, we do need to close the parking lot to additional vehicles until current guests leave and more spaces become available.

Q: Where do I affix my Permit sticker? Does it have to be on my vehicle?A: Your Crane Beach Permit is not valid until you affix it to your vehicle. We strongly prefer it to be on the windshield in the lower drivers’ side corner where our gate staff can most easily see it. If your Permit is not affixed to your vehicle, you will be charged gate admission at the member rate or denied entry. Permits may not be laminated or taped to your windshield. If you are having difficulty placing it on your car, the gate attendant can help you on your first visit to the beach.

Q: What does The Trustees do with my Permit fee? A:The revenue from these Permits allows The Trustees to provide excellent care and management of is ecologically important barrier beach ecosystem. It also supports the summer services of trained lifeguards and EMTs, as well as year-round service of rangers and gate attendants. Membership also supports the maintenance of facilities such as our modern bathhouse as well as our beach shop and refreshment stand.

Q: Can I purchase a Permit for my friend? A: Permits may only be purchased by and for Member use. To purchase a Gift Membership and Crane Permit for a friend or loved one, click here.

Q: Is the purchase of a Permit tax-deductible? A: No, while Membership fees are tax-deductible, Crane Beach Permits are not. If Supporting, Sustaining, or Sponsor level Members choose to accept Permit(s), the tax-deductible portion of their gift will be reduced by $85 per Permit requested.

Q: Does a Permit include parking at the Castle Hill summer picnic concerts? A: Your Crane Beach Permit does not include admission for our popular Castle Hill picnic concerts. But as a Member, your admission to the concerts is discounted. Also, all Members receive free admission to the Castle Hill grounds – as well over 100 other Trustees Properties – during regular visitor hours.

Q: I always use a rental or ZipCar when I come to the beach. Can I still get a Permit?A: We want to be sure that every Member has access to this special program. If you regularly use a rental car or ZipCar to go to the beach, you may request a special Permit by emailing a copy of your rental agreement to The special Permit may be used only by that Member. Gate staff will request a valid ID and Membership card prior to admitting you to the beach on each visit.

Q: I am Founder’s Circle Member and I would like to receive a Crane Beach Parking Permit. A: Please contact the Development Office via email at or via phone at 617.542.7696 option 7 to make these arrangements

Q: What happens if I trade my car in during the year? Will I have to purchase another Permit to get a new sticker? A: Before you trade in your vehicle, please remove the current permit. If you can supply the original permit, we are happy to supply a replacement permit to you. Your old permit will be voided and a new Permit will be issued. Replacement Permits may be requested by emailing

Q: If I still have questions, who can I contact for help? A: If you have further questions, please email us at Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM.

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