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Chestnut Hill Farm Camp

In Southborough: Farm + Nature Camp on an historic working farm.

Summer Camp at Chestnut Hill Farm in Southborough

2023 Summer Camp Registration is open.

Before registering, please read through our new program information on this and subsequent pages.



WHERE: Become a Junior Farmer this summer at historic Chestnut Hill Farm in Southborough, where 170 acres of farm and woodland is the canvas for your adventure! Meet new friends, have fun, and experience life at one of the last working farms in Southborough. The farm features expansive vegetable fields and pasture lands with production animals, such as goats and sheep. Nesting bird preserves and magical woodland trails complete each day’s exploration of the natural world. Our program is inspired by this exceptional property and builds on The Trustees’ expertise in nature conservation, historic landscapes, regenerative agriculture, and culinary exploration.

WHAT: Every day campers enjoy farm-based activities that align with our environmental education mission. Campers will go home each afternoon with stories about their new barnyard and camp buddies!

In the Fields

Authentic farm chores provide our daily structure. We will feed and care for the goats and sheep. We will seed, plant, water, weed, and harvest vegetables, flowers, and herbs from our learning garden. The forces at work below and above the soil, composting, and interacting with our farmers will help us understand where our food really comes from. Fresh farm-based recipes will allow us to taste the flavors we have grown.

On the Trails

Campers will discover local wildlife, learn to track animals, and enjoy adventures as they hike our network of trails. Each week will include opportunities for nature play, including tree climbing and shelter building. Through observation and exploration, we will witness the amazing life in the unique habitats of the forests and fields. Ultimately, campers will find a place in the natural world that they can call their own.

In the Farmstead

Fun science experiments and thematic art projects round out our days. Active games and free play with new friends assure each camper a place to be themselves, be part of a group, and discover new ideas and interests. Expect your child to come home muddy, sun-kissed, tired, and joyful each day!

WHO: Chestnut Hill Farm Camp is designed for campers who love the outdoors, caring for farm animals, getting their hands dirty, connecting to the land, being independent learners, using their imagination, and tapping into their resilience no matter the weather. A team of talented, compassionate, and energetic educators support campers in their quest to connect to the natural world and find their place within it.

  • The daily rhythm of camp is consistent week to week. We have noticed that after 4 weeks, some campers are looking for new adventures. Please consider this when registering.
  • If you have any inquiries about whether your camper will thrive at Chestnut Hill Farm Camp, please contact the camp office.


For 2023 dates and tuition rates, proceed to Chestnut Hill Farm Camp Schedule & Pricing.


Parent Testimonials:

“Our daughter loved it. We’re new to the camp experience and this exceeded our expectations.”

“My daughter asked to go back to Chestnut Hill Farm Camp again next summer. She made and brought home crafts and food that she made. She was an absolute dirty mess when I picked her up and underneath all the dirt was a huge smile! She was in a happy place and that makes me happy! Well done Chestnut Hill Farm Camp! Teaching kids about taking care of nature and teaching them life skills to take care of themselves and others.”

“I just want to express my gratitude for this camp experience. My son said this is the best camp ever! He has never felt so accepted and liked in a camp before! All of the counselors are so kind and nice.”

Camp Information
Parent Testimonials

Two of my boys went and it was the first camp experience for my youngest. He was really nervous the first day, but by Wednesday he told me he wanted to go again and this time could do it without his big brother!

– Camp Parent

Great counselors, fun activities. We felt extra safe with both the camp’s COVID precautions and the extra steps taken during really hot days.

– Camp Parent

The children loved the activities and the freedom to roam and play and really get hands-on with nature. The counsellors were enthusiastic and gave the kids lots of freedom, without unnecessary rules and regulations. Having said that, they ensured the kids were safe at all times. Ideal camp.

– Camp Parent

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