October 7, 2022 - March 22, 2023

New Formations

Through contemporary photography, video, and painting, this exhibition features human bodies in powerful athletic performance, ecstatic expressions of dance and collective procession. These artworks suggest our need for rituals, ways of gathering, and performing for ourselves and one another. With actions drawn from dance, sportsmanship, and pageantry, New Formations explores modes of kinship, alliance, and competition. Artworks on view convey disparities across race, age, and gender that shape how our bodies move through the world and are seen by others. Featuring works by artists including Pelle Cass, Jaclyn Conley, Dara Friedman, Senga Negundi, Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi and Heather Rasmussen.

Works by these contemporary artists are shown alongside selections from a recent gift of vernacular photographs from the collection of Peter Cohen. These anonymous, amateur photographs highlight our collective attraction to capture ourselves joining parades, in dance formations, or staging “human pyramids” on the beach. Shown together with the contemporary artists, New Formations captures the need and broad appeal of relating our bodies to sculptural form.

Image: Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi, Suspension, (Sierra Brooks, Daisha Cannon, Luci Collins, Olivia Courtney, Naveen Daries, Dominique Dawes, Nia Dennis, Makarri Doggette, Daiane dos Santos, Gabby Douglas, Dianne Durham, Yesenia Ferrera, Annia Hatch, Ashleigh Heldsinger, Laurie Hernandez, Kiya Johnson, Dipa Karmakar, Jennifer Khwela, Sibongile Mjekula, Betty Okino, Elizabeth Price, Mammule Rankoe, Caitlin Rooskrantz, Tasha Schwikert, Jamison Sears, Stella Umeh, Gabby Wilson, Corrine Wright), 2020, Digital video and sound, Edition of 5 + 2AP. © Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi. Courtesy of Stevenson, Amsterdam/ Cape Town/ Johannesburg