Saturday, October 21, 2023

CraneExplorer: Navigate the Estate

REI Womens Intro to Map & Compass Navigation

About CraneExplorer: Navigate the Estate

Join this Castle Hill education program and scavenger hunt to learn compass, map reading, and orienteering skills, and use these skills to solve challenges around the Castle Hill trails and grounds. Learn about the habitats, history, and culture of the estate while collecting clues to solve our explorer’s challenge!

CraneExplorer events are family-friendly outdoor education programs welcoming learners of all ages. These hikes and interactive education programs cover less ground to accommodate smaller strides and have more frequent stops to look, listen, learn from our guides and engage in hands-on activities to inspire curiosity.

Please be aware that this program involves walking the Castle Hill trails and grounds for ~1.5 hours while solving and searching for clues. As such, parental discretion on your child’s ability to manage this activity is advised.

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