Saturday, November 18, 2023

Tally Ho! Amelia Peabody Memorial Hunt

Tally Ho! 2 Amelia Peabody Memorial Hunt

About Tally Ho! Amelia Peabody Memorial Hunt

Enjoy the pageantry of the centuries-old tradition of the sport of fox hunting, by watching the Norfolk Hunt as it rides through Powisset Farm and Noanet Woodlands for the Amelia Peabody Memorial Foxhunt. The Norfolk Hunt Club, founded in 1895, is one of the oldest drag foxhunting clubs in the U.S. Powisset and Noanet were originally owned by Amelia Peabody, an early member of the Norfolk Hunt.

The foxhounds follow a drag scent (no live foxes participate) through woods and fields, followed by beautiful horses with riders dressed in traditional foxhunting attire. Horses, riders, and hounds will stop at Powisset to greet spectators, enjoy a stirrup cup, and then proceed to Noanet Woodlands. A perfect event for families. Follow the Hunt in Noanet or spend the rest of the day on the farm!

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