Monday, October 30, 2023

If These Walls Could Talk: The Walls and Historic ...

Old Manse Attic

About If These Walls Could Talk: The Walls and Historic Graffiti of the Old Manse

Not all writing in the Old Manse was on paper. The Old Manse contains the writings of dozens of people who shared their stories by writing them on the walls, writings that survive to this day. Explore the Old Manse from the ground floor to the attic and see wallpaper that is 250 years old and graffiti that spans nearly two centuries. By exploring the ways that the inhabitants marked their space, we uncover the stories about the people who lived there and made their mark on American History.

Masks are required for all guests while visiting indoors spaces. Tour groups are set with a limited capacity and we recommend booking in advance to secure your spot.

Space is limited and advanced registration is recommended.


Please note that the house can be quite cold in the winter and quite hot in the summer. Please dress comfortably.

This tour requires going up steep steps

At times, the tour may take place in low light environments.

Learn more about accessibility on our website.

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