Saturday, September 23, 2023

Mushroom Foraging Walk


About Mushroom Foraging Walk

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Calling all mushroom foraging fans! Join Jana Harris of Essex Forays, who is certified in Wild Mushroom Food Safety and is a member of Boston Mycological Club, for this two-hour walk and learn about the mushroom species that thrive at Long Hill. Long Hill’s 114 acres of diverse trees, shrubs, and distinctive perennial plants provide an exceptional space for anyone that wants to explore the world mushrooms. Many hardwood trees and conifers offer habitats for different species of fungi, while the vernal pools and streams serve as great places to spot a whole other group of mushrooms.

Depending on weather, there will be different types of mushrooms to explore. Please wear sturdy shoes and bring a water bottle, tick and bug repellent, and an ID field guide (if you have one).

This walk is ideal for beginners, but experienced foragers are also welcome!

Note: Our mushroom programs are led by knowledgeable guides and focus on the ecology of mushrooms and their vital role in the ecosystem. Please note, we will forage mushrooms for educational purposes only and not for consuming. Join us as we discover the wonders of mushrooms and their natural habitats.

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