Saturday, April 29, 2023

CraneExplorer: Animals in the Estuary

crane boat dock

About CraneExplorer: Animals in the Estuary

Take in the beautiful views of the Crane Wildlife Refuge while learning about estuary flora and fauna and environmental conditions at the Crane Boat Dock. Families will conduct measurements of water quality and weather, census native vs. Non-native crabs, collect and observe plankton using field microscopes, and observe the ever-shifting tides. Join this program to discover a lesser-known area of the Crane Estate, on the backside of Crane Beach along the picturesque Castle Neck River.

CraneExplorer events are family-friendly outdoor education programs welcoming learners of all ages. These hikes and interactive education programs cover less ground to accommodate smaller strides and have more frequent stops to look, listen, learn from our guides and engage in hands-on activities to inspire curiosity.

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