Sunday, March 26, 2023

CraneExplorer: Beach Detectives and Shipwreck Scho...


About CraneExplorer: Beach Detectives and Shipwreck Scholars

Coastal exploration with a side of shipwreck! Participants will be guided on a Castle Hill hike to Steep Hill Beach, where we will explore the beach and discover treasures washed up by the waves. Piece together clues to learn what is living under the sand and below the water line. We will use field guides to identify shells, egg cases, seaweed and more to tell the story of what creatures inhabit the beach. We will also share the fascinating tale of the schooner Ada K Damon, wrecked on Steep Hill Beach in 1909. Participants will have the chance to search for remnants of the shipwreck and make observations and measurements of what they find.

CraneExplorer events are family-friendly programs welcoming learners of all ages. These hikes and interactive education programs cover less ground to accommodate smaller strides and have more frequent stops to look, listen, and learn from our CraneExplorer guides. Interactive education programs include hands-on activities to engage our curiosity.

Please be aware that we do walk the full two hours and cover approximately 1-2 miles. As such, adult discretion on your child’s ability to manage this activity is advised.

Group tickets grant admission to 2-3 adults or up to 5 adults and children. If your group exceeds these limits, please purchase additional tickets. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

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