Thursday, September 15, 2022

Kids in the Garden: Plant Parts in Action

Chilcott Granada Community Garden
Jamaica Plain, 02119
brussel sprouts

About Kids in the Garden: Plant Parts in Action

Do you know the 6 different parts of a plant? And that each one can be a delicious fruit or veggie? Become a garden detective and play a plant part mystery game to find out which plant parts we eat! Then, hunt through the garden to find which plant parts might be growing. After we become plant part experts, we’ll play a plant part relay race to test our new knowledge!

The Trustees’ Mobile Adventurer will also be featured at this workshop!

If you’re able, please consider supporting our gardens and educational efforts through the optional program fee.

Granada Park Community Garden has limited street parking nearby, but is accessible by bus on Washington St., and the Orange Line stops.

Questions about accessibility or anything else? Please reach out to

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