Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Kids in the Garden: Pollinator Exploration

Nightingale Community Garden
Dorchester Center, 02124
native bee

About Kids in the Garden: Pollinator Exploration

Come to the garden and help us hunt for bugs! Get up close and personal with the pollinators that help our garden grow. Then, put on your hard hats and construct insect homes for the beneficial bugs we find. While the insect houses will stay in the garden, we’ll also make flower seed balls for everyone to plant and attract pollinators at home!

If you’re able, please consider supporting our gardens and educational efforts through the optional program fee.

Nightingale Community Garden is located at 512 Park Street in Dorchester. The garden and this program are wheelchair accessible and the garden is close to Washington Street buses. Some free parking is available on the street or in the back of the CVS parking lot across the street.

Questions about accessbility or anything else? Please reach out to amorini@thetrustees.org.

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