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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Gardening 101: The Basics for Success

Cut Flower Garden

About Gardening 101: The Basics for Success

Most new gardeners learn by trial and error which can be costly, frustrating, and discouraging.

However, when equipped with basic information about soil, water, and plants, you can successfully bring your visions to reality. Knowing about pests and their treatment, how to design your garden, and how to factor natural elements like wind, shade, sun into this design will enhance your accomplishment and benefit the environment.

In this four session course, we will discuss all of these ideas to help new gardeners find success.

Session I: Your Garden Vision for Today and Tomorrow (February 26th)

  • Identify common mistakes.
  • Discuss where and when to start your garden long before digging that hole.
  • Create a plot plan for your property.
  • Dig a soil sample to assess garden drainage and pH during the next session.

Session II: The Food Web (March 5th)

  • Review plot plans and perform demonstrations to determine soil wetness, pH, soil texture, and drainage.
  • Define what the food web is and how it functions.
  • Discuss the trillions of life forms in your soil, macro- and micro-nutrients, and rhizomes that live on plant roots.

Session III: Confronting Nature’s Demands and Surprises (March 12th)

  • Identify adverse growing conditions and their effects on your plants.
  • Discuss tips on how to moderate adverse impacts.

Session IV: Good Bud, Bad Bug, and Other Notorious Creatures (March 19th)

  • Identify common and invasive pests in the garden.
  • Discuss treatments that favor the environment [Integrated Pest Management].
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