Saturday, February 5, 2022

In the Round: A Fireside Discussion with Artists i...


About In the Round: A Fireside Discussion with Artists in Residence Maria Molteni and Andrew Mowbray

For the past five years, contemporary artists have been evolving the idea of what an artist residency could be at Fruitlands Museum. While they do not live at the museum for their experiences, repeated visits over time to this location with a stunning panoramic view and a feeling of retreat bring forth fruitful new steps in ongoing artistic practices.

Maria Molteni and Andrew Mowbray are both Boston-based artists whose works intersect with Shaker history, social practice, craft, and more. As their residencies and their artistic outlooks resonate with each other, this program is an opportunity to be in dialogue with them both, and learn more about their time at Fruitlands. We will plan to gather outdoors around fire pits.

Andrew Mowbray’s residency included the creation of milk crates inspired by Shaker design and ethics. These milk crates will be put to use to form a circle for participants to sit upon, with other types of seating. He also created a seed share and tended a garden near the historic Shaker Office at the museum.

Maria Molteni, who is also a trained beekeeper, envisioned site-specific sculpture for the second floor of the Shaker Office to include living bees. However, that project had to change due to the pandemic, and she shifted focus to create a powerful, evocative floor mural with cut paper in the same room. In collaboration with artist Allison Halter and cinematographer Gabe Elder, they created an artistic video, Sacred Sheets. Referencing Shaker gift drawings from the 1840s, the era of Manifestations, the resulting artwork became the exhibition Unseen Hours: Space Clearing for Sacred Work on view in the museum’s Art Gallery from Sept 15, 2021 – March 9, 2022.

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