Thursday, October 7, 2021

Fall Concert: Alisa Amador

Alisa Amador

About Fall Concert: Alisa Amador

We are thrilled to announce that Fall concerts are returning this year in the Fruitlands event tent and returning for a second year in this performance series is Alisa Amador.

Alisa Amador’s music is a synthesis of the many styles she’s voraciously absorbed: rock, jazz, funk and alternative folk, all wrapped in the spirit of the Latin music she grew up with. With a sound described by Vance Gilbert as, “Shawn Colvin meets Joni Mitchell has lunch with Amy Winehouse meets Suzanne Vega and Diana Krall,” and NPR calls, “a pitch-perfect rendition of my wildest dreams,” her soulful singing, poetically incisive lyrics, and syncopated rhythms, are likely to make you cry, laugh and dance all within one set.

Concert begins at 6:30PM, Doors Open 6PM

Fall Concerts at Fruitlands are seated concerts that take place under the event tent. With coverage these events are able to move forward rain or shine.

Member’s Only Pre-sale June 10-15

Space is limited and pre-registration required.

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