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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Waking Up The Garden: What’s next? Get ready...

slough farm

About Waking Up The Garden: What’s next? Get ready for warm weather crops! with Slough Farm and The Farm Institute

Join us and Slough Farm weekly for five weeks this spring to “wake up” the Friendship Garden. Garden educator and Friendship Garden founder Melinda Rabbitt DeFeo (she/her) will lead participants through the intricacies of preparing a growing space for a productive spring and summer. Perfect for seasoned home farmers and folks looking to break fresh ground, this series will cover early season crops, basic soil and compost science, bed building and design, roots, shoots, and warm weather crops!


This is a hands-on series, be prepared to get dirty!

Masks are mandatory at this event. Come for one, or sign up for all five!

May 22nd: What’s next? Get ready for warm weather crops!

As the nights catch up with the warmer days, it is time to switch tasks and prepare to get the heavy producers of late summer planted. Many plants benefit by waiting until the soil temperature has caught up with the air. Tomatoes, peppers & eggplant are among this tender group along with the cucurbit family and beans. During this workshop, we will look closely at each of the cultural needs of these favorites to determine, consider what to plant and what we still need to be done on the current conditions.

Other classes include:

April 24: Peas & Potatoes

With warm weather just around the corner, this workshop will focus on things that prefer cooler weather specifically peas & potatoes. The culture of peas and potatoes is filled with history and lore, we will attempt to plant a 20×20 patch of potatoes using traditional row crop methods and install crop supports for our peas. We’ll also discuss multiple strategies and methods as we work on getting these crops in the ground.

May 1st: Raised beds or rows – how does your garden grow?

This timely workshop will help the Friendship Garden get on track for the growing season while engaging participants in the basics of soil science! Simple raised bed methods, soil experiments in the field and available resources for professional soil analysis will be discussed as well as how to choose a growing method for the home garden. We will raise beds while observing and discussing the soil under our feet and how to best utilize available compost.

May 8th: Strawberries, strawberries, strawberries!

Everyone loves strawberries and we want lots to share with our Katama Farm friends! At first glance strawberry culture can seem to be daunting however we will learn some basics as we prepare and plant a 75 foot strawberry patch in the Friendship Garden! Building crop specific knowledge on soil and soil amendments will be our goal.

May 15th: Racing to the table with roots and shoots

Lots of opportunity to miss early harvesting by not planning to include multiple plantings of these versatile quick to pick favorites. Carrots, beets, chard, lettuce, scallions all love to grow where you put them once given some guidance. This workshop will get seeds in participants hands and into the ground while we discuss and practice different ways to successfully include successive sowing in the home garden.

Please note that the garden location may be changed to Slough Farm in May. If so, we will be e-mailing participants to let them know.

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