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Friday, June 4, 2021


(left image) 7.20 headdress sketch (_)

About ….oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo……..oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo……..oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo……..oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo….: Performance by Eric-Paul Reige for Jeffrey Gibson’s Because Once You Enter My House It Becomes Our House

Fiber and performance artist Eric-Paul Riege will stage a temporary installation and performance on and around Jeffrey Gibson’s monumental sculpture Because Once You Enter My House It Becomes Our House at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum. For this project, which Riege describes as an “ephemeral monument,” he will create softly pillowed shields, beads and pillows that will cloak Gibson’s monument. Riege’s performance will be an expression of the Diné/Navajo word Woshdee’! which translates to “come in.” As Riege notes: “The word is an invitation to a loved one or a stranger. A hand reaching out towards yours to enter another’s space. This space is yours and it is mine and it is ours to share. An honoring of Jeffrey’s title of his sculpture.” Cloaking his own body and engaging with his sculptures and surroundings during his performance, Riege’s body becomes a container and conveyor of memories and totem of his family’s histories and futures while celebrating the powers and play that these memories hold.

This event is free with admission or membership, please book a timed ticket to view the performance. Tickets are available two weeks before event date. Buy tickets here.

About the artist:

Based in Gallup, NM, Eric-Paul Riege (Diné, b. 1994) creates soft, woven sculptures, wearable art, and performances that relate to his heritage and spirituality, particularly the intergenerational and interspecies traditions of weaving. These works express his philosophies and cosmologies of sanctuary, harmony and interconnection with all elements of the world around him. Riege’s first solo museum presentation was at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami in 2019. He has shown work and performed at venues including SITE Santa Fe Biennial 2018, the Navajo Nation Museum in Tségháhoodzání (Window Rock, AZ) the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. In the upcoming year, Riege will be a part of the 2021 Prospect New Orleans Triennial and 2022 Toronto Biennial.

Image: (left image) 7.20 headdress sketch (_), 2020. Courtesy of artist. (right image)(COLLAGE 4)–….oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo…./….oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo…./….oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo…./….oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo-O-oo….2021, Courtesy of artist.

This performance is free with admission or membership, please

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