Friday, July 30, 2021

Weekly Loom Weaving Tutorial

gallery weaving

About Weekly Loom Weaving Tutorial

During her residency at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, Sonya Clark focused on the Confederate Flag of Truce in order to both illuminate the historical significance of this humble cloth and to rectify its omission from our collective consciousness. At deCordova, the installation Reconstruction Exercise offers visitors the opportunity to better understand this surrender flag. We invite you to interact with the participatory installation and contribute to the construction of additional replicas of the Flag of Truce on the prepared looms. Through your participation, deCordova and the artist aim to inspire further reflection about the inherited symbols and monuments in your daily lives.

Weaver Stacey Piwinski will be on-site to offer additional tutorials and demonstrations of loom weaving every Friday from 12:00-1:00pm. In case of changes, an updated schedule will be posted at [url to come]. All visitors must wear masks and hand sanitizer is provided.

This workshops are presented in conjunction with two exhibitions of immersive works by the textile artist Sonya Clark: Monumental Cloth, The Flag We Should Know and Heavenly Bound. Monumental Cloth examines the way symbols inform our understanding of history and identity by centering the little-known Confederate Flag of Truce. Heavenly Bound honors self-emancipated Black Americans on the Underground Railroad.

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