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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Maple Stroll at Appleton Farms

Sugaring Bucket

About Maple Stroll at Appleton Farms

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Maple Happenings, while not a ticketed program or event on its own, is an invitation to enjoy and experience maple sugaring season at Appleton Farms. Here’s an overview of everything that is going on:

From late February through the end of March, we will have homemade maple-filled food items made right in our own Appleton Farms Kitchen, and other snacks and treats available to purchase, right at the Old House/Farm Offices front porch. There will also be demostrations of maple sugaring in our Sugar Shack, the chance for a self-guided walk through our tapped maple trees, food trucks on Sundays and local craft beer vendors on Saturdays, from 12 to 4pm every weekend.

Our winter selection of hikes will continue, including the chance to explore the “ruins” of Appleton Farms, journey to the idyllic Great Pasutre, or hike across the property to all four of our fascinating pinnacles, monuments to Appleton family members. Additonally, there will be an informative guided Maple Stroll through our tapped maple trees, to learn about the history and process of maple sugaring.

Fire Pit Picnics will also continue, every weekend, providing a cozy opportunity to gather around a fire on our beautiful farm and enjoy time with family and/or friends while you enjoy the flavors of maple season.

Tickets for hikes, walks, guided tours and fire pits must be purchased separately.

All visitors will be required to follow Covid-19 guidelines, including wearing face coverings, maintaining social distance, and not visiting the property if you are experiencing symptoms.

Parking fee at Appleton Farms is $5 on weekdays and $10 on weekends for nonmembers. Trustees members always park for free. Fee can be paid at the pay stations at Farm Offices and Grass Rides parking lots or by using the Advance Passes link on our website.

  • Directions to the Farm: On 1A South, farm is about two miles south of downtown Ipswich. When you see Presbyterian Church on your right, it’s a little more than a quarter of a mile to the farm entrance, on your right. If you reach downtown Hamilton, you have gone too far. ON 1A North, farm is about four miles north of downtown Hamilton. When you see Entering Ipswich sign on your left, it’s about a quarter of a mile to the farm entrance, on your left. If you reach downtown Ipswich, you have gone too far.
  • Parking: Once you enter the farm, bear to the right at the first fork in the road, following the signs for Farm Offices. Follow the driveway all the way down to the end and proceed stright into the parking lot at the Farm Offices building, the white farmhouse.
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