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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

March Clay Work from Home

Clay Sculpture Workshop (Thursdays) April-May

About March Clay Work from Home

During the month of March, join us for a new at-home deCordova clay workshop. This is a from-your-own-hands-to-finished-kiln-fired-art course, for those looking to get started making things in the material, or for those continuing established sculpture and vessel work, with expert clay and working-from-home advice from deCordova’s Ceramic Studio Manager and Artist-In-Residence Bruce Barry.

Workshop cost includes:

• 25 lbs. of reduction stoneware from Amherst Potters Supply (pick up date is Monday, March 1st between 1 pm and 7 pm, or by appointment)

• 4 oz. wax resist for glazing pre-prep at home

• Two, 90 minute indoor glazing sessions,* made by appointment between 10 am and 7 pm, on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays (glazing appointment includes use of spray booth/ compressor, on hand access to glazes, and distanced instructor consultation on clay and glaze work)

• Firing services (separate firing fees will apply and be invoiced to you)

• Recommendations and links for home studio set-up, ordering clay tools and specialized supplies if needed

Glazing appointments*:

A reliable email address is necessary for scheduling appointments, pick-ups, and drop-offs. Glazing appointments can also serve as pick-up/ drop-off times.

Student must work solo, access restricted to Studio 3 glaze area only, during their glazing appointment. No studio bathroom access (courtyard public restrooms, regularly disinfected by Park staff, are available), or to any other part of the studio. Work surfaces, glazing sink, table, seating and basic glazing tools will be pre-disinfected by staff and available for glaze work and for dropping off for firing. A disinfecting station will be available and supplied near your work area. Bringing your own hand disinfectant is also encouraged. Proper face-masking absolutely required at all times. Student will use a spray disinfectant on all accessed surfaces and tools at the conclusion of their appointments.

Only wax resist will be supplied for at home glazing pre-prep. Commercial underglazes and glazes are not supplied to take home. The instructor will offer guidance for those who wish to purchase their own supplies for specialized ceramic painting at home.

Firing fees: are charged by volume, 3 cents per cubic inch, for each firing in the kilns, which will be measured and compiled by the studio manager, and invoiced for payment by credit card at the end of the course. Students commonly accumulate $30-45 in firing fees in a given month’s work.

Please note: Although clay won’t permanently stain garments, participants are advised to wear suitable work garments while working with clay and glazes. Do not wash clay into household plumbing.

All levels welcome. Prior experience working with deCordova Ceramics is helpful and preferred, although verbal orientation to starting with clay, as well as to deCordova’s systems, facilities, and materials will be provided to new-to-clay students during pick-ups, drop-offs, glazing appointments, and by email. Registering and attending one of our outdoor weekend Hot Cocoa workshops is also helpful orientation.

At home workshops will continue on a monthly basis, and partly finished work may continue with registration for upcoming workshops.

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