Saturday, August 10, 2024

Shibori Dyeing Workshop at deCordova


About Shibori Dyeing Workshop at deCordova

Shibori, the elegant forbearer to psychedelic tie-dye, is a Japanese resist dyeing technique that is simple enough to do in your backyard but vast with possibility. The term “shibori” comes from the Japanese “shiboru,” meaning “twisted and pressed”. Designs are created by folding, binding, and compressing fabric before submerging it in dye; the manipulation of the fabric from the 2-D plane into a 3-D form prevents the dye from penetrating the internal parts of this fabric clump, yielding distinctive organic, often geometric patterns. While much of the art of Shibori is in the preparation and planning, accident and chance must also be embraced.

Students will learn about the indigo dyeing process and will use a mix of traditional and modern shibori methods to create samples to take home, and are welcome to bring their own natural fiber garments/fabric to dye as well.

Materials Fee of $30 is included in the tuition fee. It covers dyes, equipment, and fabric. Registered students will receive an email with details and logistics at least one day prior to the workshop.

Special Notes & Supplies:

  • Please bring your own pair of long rubber dish gloves.
  • Plastic bags for wet fabric will be available but please consider bringing your own recycled/reusable ones.
  • Indigo dye likes to drip and will stain, so wear appropriate shoes and clothing.
  • If you bring your own fabric/garments to dye, please wash them on the hottest setting to prepare them for taking on dye.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Cha-Ling O’Connell

Cha is a Maker of Things. She studied Naval Architecture and Comparative Media Studies with a focus on Photography and Film at M.I.T. for a while, was a sailing educator and program director at Courageous Sailing, and has studied Graphic Design, Textiles, Drawing, and Art Education through MassArt’s Continuing Education department. She teaches art to all ages at the deCordova and the Arlington Center for the Arts, including Modern Calligraphy, Shibori, Digital Photography, and Book Binding. Cha is currently the K-8 Art Teacher at Lesley Ellis School in Arlington, Massachusetts. She likes to rock climb and read about trees and has already passed on an affinity for collecting art supplies to her young daughter.

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