Saturday, February 24, 2024

CraneExplorer: Owls Up Close!

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About CraneExplorer: Owls Up Close!

About the Program: Join us for a special event with Marcia and Mark Wilson from Eyes on Owls, to meet 6 live owls up close and personal! By sharing photos, stories, and live owl demonstrations, the Wilsons highlight our local owls’ unique adaptations, habitats and behaviors in the wild, while sharing tips on how you can look and listen for owls yourself. And everyone gets to practice the owls’ calls during the hooting lessons!

  • Session 1 at 1pm will be geared towards families with young children (~1-hour, simpler/less info, more demonstration).
  • Session 2 at 4pm is geared towards all ages (1 hour 15 min, more info and interpretation). Both are appropriate for children/families and will have opportunities for questions from the audience.

About the Naturalists: Marcia and Mark Wilson have thrilled audiences of all ages with their live owl presentations for the past 28 years.Mark is also the award-winning author of two books: Owling (Hachett 2019) and The Snowy Owl Scientist (Harper Collins 2022). Signed and personalized books can be purchased in-person after the program, or by emailing

Owling was chosen by the American Association for the Advancement of Science as 2020’s Best Science Book for Middle Grade Students. However, Owling is a favorite of owl lovers from 3 to 103! Mark’s second kids’ book, The Snowy Owl Scientist quickly draws you into the Snowy Owl’s Arctic world.

Learn more about the Wilsons and their work:

This event takes place indoors and will occur rain or shine. In the event of weather conditions causing property closure, ticket holders will be notified by the day before the event and tickets wil be refunded.

Photo: A Northern Saw-whet Owl and an Eastern Screech-Owl join Marcia and Mark Wilson at their Owls Up Close” program. Photo © Mark Wilson / Eyes On Owls

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