Sunday, March 17, 2024

Winter Ecology Snowshoe Walk with William Randolph


About Winter Ecology Snowshoe Walk with William Randolph

Explore winter ecology while becoming acquainted with the wild world and let Adventure East be your guide. This winter wonderland adventure will begin with a brief explanation of the human history on the location followed by an exploration of the wild world. Learn about winter track and sign, what animals are moving in the snow, and who is tunneling beneath. We will also explore how plant life adapts to darker and colder temperatures and which birds stay for the winter. This adventure is for all ages. Snowshoes or shoe spikes and poles will be provided to make this a safe and enjoyable experience.

Situated in the heart of an extensive natural area, Peaked Mountain (pronounced pea-kid) is surrounded by approximately 2,000 acres of diverse habitats, including mixed-composition forests, ponds, marshes, and beaver swamps, making for exciting, year-round adventures.
HIGHLIGHTS: Dry, rocky outcrop, shallow sandy soils managed historically by naturally occurring fires, with some of the densest population of American Chestnuts. It’s easy to notice how slope and sunlight affects plant and forest diversity. The views from the top provide almost unbroken or non-fragmented second-generation forest thanks to a coordinated conservation plan between the town, Norcross and Trustees.

Skill Level: All

Fitness Level: All

What’s Included:

  • 2-hour walk with an experienced naturalist
  • All gear as needed (snowshoes, spikes, trekking poles)
  • Warm beverages to warm the spirit!

What to Bring:

  • Layers appropriate to the temperatures (hat, gloves, waterproof clothing, insulating layers)
  • Warm boots and thick socks (extra pair)
  • Plenty of drinking water

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