Monday, October 9, 2023

Wisdom Keeping: Abenaki Stories and Storytelling T...


About Wisdom Keeping: Abenaki Stories and Storytelling Traditions

In celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day 2023, storyteller Anne Jennison will give a performance of Traditional Abenaki stories at the Crane Estate in Ipswich, MA at 1PM. The Crane Estate sits on part of the land also known as Agawam, within the traditional lands of the Pennacook Abenaki confederacy. The Abenaki Peoples have an ancient history and rich cultural heritage, including a vast legacy of stories. Traditional Abenaki stories were, and are, meant for audiences of all ages the – the entire community. The stories tell of the world’s creation, the creation of the aki (the land), the nebi (the water), the first awaasak (animal people), the first alnobak (human beings), and teach us how to live in balance with one another. The stories are filled with action, drama, wonder, and even moments of humor.

In this program, Anne Jennison, a traditional Northeast Woodlands Native American storyteller, begins and ends her performance with a traditional song accompanied by her frame drum and – in between – shares some of these Abenaki stories in a way that is interactive as well as entertaining. Anne will also explain how the stories have been, and continue to be, passed down from one generation to the next as well as the role of storytelling and the storyteller within the context of Abenaki culture.

About our Guest Performer: Anne Jennison is a traditional Native American storyteller. Anne’s storytelling skills have been polished by more than 30 years of experience sharing Indigenous lesson stories with audiences of all kinds. With Master Degrees in both Storytelling and History, Anne also brings a wealth of cultural and historical knowledge to enrich her retelling of timeless Abenaki & Wabanaki stories. Anne is listed on the New Hampshire Traditional Artists Roster as a traditional Abenaki storyteller & craftsperson and on the New England Foundation for the Arts roster as a Teaching Artist and a Touring Artist.

Anne is also the current Chair for the NH Commission on Native American Affairs and a member of the Indigenous NH Collaborative Collective ( Additionally, she is an Affiliate Faculty member for the University of New Hampshire’s Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) Minor, a co-creator of the “People of the Dawnland” interpretive exhibit about the Abenaki/Wabanaki peoples as well as a consultant for the Abenaki Heritage Initiative at Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth, NH. For more info:

Please join us at the Crane Estate for this celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day!

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