Sunday, October 8, 2023

Mushroom Walk at Copicut Woods

chf mushroom

About Mushroom Walk at Copicut Woods

Calling all mushroom enthusiasts! Join us for one or multiple mushroom foray walks with mycologist Aaron Keaton. After a rainy summer season, wild mushrooms are thriving at Copicut Woods!

Depending on weather, there will be different types of mushrooms to explore. Please wear sturdy shoes and bring a water bottle, tick and bug repellent, and an ID field guide (if you have one).

This walk is ideal for beginners, but experienced foragers are also welcome!

More about Aaron:

Aaron Keaton is a mycologist currently based out of Plymouth, MA. A graduate from Keene State College, he has continued to study fungi throughout New Hampshire as well as his hometown of Plymouth. Aaron’s work emphasizes the ecological role of fungi, highlighting the benefits they provide for the environment. Out in the field, Aaron photographs, samples, and documents fungi to learn more about them and preserve mycodiversity. He is also interested in their practical use as food, medicine, and their impact on culture.

Note: Our mushroom programs are led by knowledgeable guides and focus on the ecology of mushrooms and their vital role in the ecosystem. Please note, we will forage mushrooms for educational purposes only and not for consuming. Join us as we discover the wonders of mushrooms and their natural habitats.

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