Sunday, October 15, 2023

Castle Hill Vintage Car Climb

car climb

About Castle Hill Vintage Car Climb

The Trustees have partnered with the Vintage Sports Car Club of America for an exciting event featuring pre-WWII cars competing in times races. Come for the day and enjoy live music, food trucks, a bootlegger’s garden and picnicking on the lawn! Schedule a 30-minute guided Great House tour set in 1929. A Crane maid or footman will show you guest and family rooms. Advance tour reservations and additional fee are required.

Pre-order a picnic lunch from Ferreira Foods by Noon on October 9th and pick it up onsite. Ferreira Foods, Q’s Nuts Plat Du Jour and Beefie Boys will sell sandwiches, salads, charcuterie, roast nuts, popcorn, sweets, and hot beverages throughout the day. True North Ales, Mill River Winery, and 1634 Meadery will sell alcohol the bootlegger’s garden.

Cars will race in the morning and again in the afternoon with a midday lunch break when the autos will be on display in the Great House forecourt. Designated viewing spots will allow spectators to safely watch the races. Spectators will park at Crane Beach and take a shuttle to and from Castle Hill. The last shuttle to Castle Hill will leave at 2:30PM. Spectators will walk from the shuttle approximately 1/4 mile along a grass path, including a small section with a sharp incline, to viewing areas.

Accessibility: There will be accessible parking and transports at Castle Hill for disabled guests. Please use the second Castle Hill entrance and follow staff instructions for parking and requesting a transport. Please note that not all spectator viewing areas are accessible.

Advance event reservations are recommended.

Photo: Geoff Kronik

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