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Crane Beach FAQs



How long will it take for me to get my Parking Permit? I renewed my Membership about 5 weeks ago. Because of the pandemic, our offices have been closed and we are experiencing significant delays in processing Membership and Permits. Our offices are now open on a limited basis and our Membership team is working diligently to process Memberships and Permits and mail out materials as quickly as possible – including Membership cards and Permits. If you purchased your Membership and Permit online, you may use the confirmation email you received as proof of purchase. 


I don’t have my permanent Member # yet, how do I reserve a Timed Entry Pass? Currently, you do not need your Member # to reserve a Permit holder timed entry pass for Crane Beach. However, when you arrive at Crane Beach, you will need to have your Crane Beach Parking Permit affixed to your vehicle or you may show your email confirmation for the recent purchase of your Crane Beach Parking Permit. If you do not have your Permit or confirmation email, you may be denied access. 




Do I need to reserve a Timed Entry Pass to visit Crane Beach? As of October 17, visitors are not required to purchase a Timed Entry Pass in advance. However, possession of an advance-purchased Timed Entry Pass will guarantee entry to the beach even if it sells out. Admission fees may be paid at the Crane Beach gate via credit card only (no cash sales). Any time the beach reaches its safe operating capacity, ALL visitors and Permit Holders except those with a Timed Entry Pass will be turned away until more space becomes available. Click here to reserve a Timed Entry Pass. 


Can I bike or walk to the beach? Member pedestrians and cyclists who show a valid membership card may enter for free. Nonmember pedestrians and cyclists must pay the $5 entry fee via credit card only either online or at the Crane Beach gate. 


Will I be able to get a refund on a Timed Entry Pass if I can’t make it? Unless The Trustees closes the beach for any reason (extreme weather, emergency), Timed Entry Passes are nonrefundable, and Crane Beach is open rain or shine.  


Does my Timed Entry Pass for Crane Beach allow me to also visit Castle Hill and vice versa? No, each site has its own Timed Entry Pass, and they are not reciprocal at this time. 


I just reserved a Timed Entry Pass, but the confirmation wasn’t emailed to me. Please check your spam/junk folder in your email, as tickets can land there sometimes. If you still don’t see it, please email with your first name, last name and reservation date to confirm. 


I am a Permit holder and made a reservation but can no longer come. How do I cancel? Thank you for reaching out! Please email with your order number at least 24 hours in advance to cancel your booking so that others may be able to enjoy visiting Crane Beach instead. 





What happens when I arrive at the Crane Beach gate? Everyone will be asked to stop and check in with a gate attendant. Those with a Timed Entry Pass will show a printed or digital version of the booking confirmation. Those without a Timed Entry Pass will pay the fee via credit card only (no cash). Ipswich residents will check for a valid resident sticker before those vehicles can proceed to the Town parking lot. 


Can I leave and re-enter on the same pass? At this time, we do not allow re-entry on a Timed Entry Pass. 


Do I and/or my family need to wear face coverings even if we can stay six feet away from others? Yes, we ask that you wear a mask at all timesWe’re trying to make our properties as safe as possible for our visitors and staff. While you may be able to social distance – and we’re doing everything possible to create that environment for you – we cannot guarantee that someone won’t get closer to you than 6 feet. Since we now know that even asymptomatic people can transmit COVID-19, we are doing our best to be thoughtful about reducing the spread of this virus. We aren’t in a position to enforce this but would ask that you respect and abide by these rules for these reasons. 


Are there any other social distancing requirements at Crane Beach I should be aware of? We are subject to all of the Governor’s orders regarding social distancing and crowd size. 

Our two wooden boardwalks are one-way only. The eastern boardwalk (all the way to the right when you drive in) goes from the parking lot to the beach. The central boardwalk goes from the beach back to the parking lot. The benches along the boardwalk will not be available as visitors are asked not to loiter. Likewise, there will be no picnic tables or chairs set up in the vicinity of the bathhouse. The sandy vehicle access road will be two-way, and we ask that visitors keep at least 6’ from other parties when walking and passing. 


How will I get safely from the parking lot to the beachfront? Our two wooden boardwalks will be one-way only. The eastern boardwalk (to the right when you drive in) will be one way going from the parking lot towards the beach. The central boardwalk (between the east boardwalk and the vehicle access road) will be one way going from the beach back to the parking lot. The vehicle access road (with blue Mobi-mat) will be two-way, allowing for foot traffic in both directions. 


Can we sit on the beach as normal? You must set up any blankets/chairs at least 12’ from any other party. Although masks will be required while walking around the property, you are not required to wear them while swimming or “toweling” (settled on your chair/blanket on the beach front). 


How will the rules be enforced? I see people not social distancing and not wearing masks. We’re trying to make our properties as safe as possible for our visitors and staff. While you may be able to social distance – and we’re doing everything possible to create that environment for you – we cannot guarantee that someone won’t get closer than 6 feet. We are not in the position nor do we have the resources to enforce the rules every time in every place and ask that all visitors respect and abide by social distancing and wearing masks when not able to social distance, as indicated in the Governor’s guidelines. Visitors concerned about behaviors on the beachfront may report to a ranger or gate attendant. 


Can I bring my dog to Crane Beach? Dogs are allowed at Crane Beach between October 1 and March 31. See the Regulations & Advisories section of the Crane Beach website for more information. 


How are Crane Beach admission fees used? Admission fees help to pay the annual costs to maintain the beach and facilities, protect public safety, carry out dune and wildlife protection programs, and maintain historic buildings and structures. When you go to Crane Beach, you are directly helping The Trustees of Reservations protect and care for this important landscape and landmark. 






To purchase a timed entry pass. 


For Crane Beach and Castle Hill timed entry pass and ticketing questions email: 


For general timed entry pass and ticketing questions email: 


For membership questions, email: 

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