Crane Beach FAQ for Permit Holders

Q: What is new this year at Crane Beach? 

A: Over the coming year, The Trustees will be phasing out Crane Beach Parking Permits and moving to a system of admissions discounts based on Membership level. The new approach should improve the visitor experience and make tickets to Crane Beach a little more available. Current Permits are not affected by this change. We will honor those Permits through their expiration date. The last day to purchase a Crane Beach Permit was April 30, 2023. Members who renewed by deadline will receive new Permits that will expire no later than April 30, 2024. Admissions discounts, based on Membership level, will take effect after any Member’s current Crane Beach Permit expires. The new pricing takes effect this May for any Member who visits the Beach without a Permit. By May 2024, all current Permits will have expired, and the new, tiered-discount structure will be in effect for all Members.   

Q: Do I need a Permit to visit Crane Beach this summer?

No, but if you have a valid Permit this summer, you will be eligible to reserve a ticket for admission to Crane Beach at no cost. 

Q: Will I still have to get a timed ticket, and will they be released the same days/times?

A: Yes, tickets are still required. As in past years, we will release tickets at noon each Mondays (for the coming Tuesday-Thursday) and each Thursday (for the coming tickets Friday-Monday). The two-day-a-week release will begin May 18, 2023.  

Q: If I have a valid Permit on my car, am I guaranteed parking?

A: Crane Beach Permits do not guarantee you a parking space without an advanced reservation. Once our parking lot is filled or advanced tickets sell out, we do need to close the parking lot to additional vehicles until current guests leave and more spaces become available.  

Q: Where do I affix my Permit sticker? Does it have to be on my vehicle?

A: Your Crane Beach Permit is not valid until you affix it to your vehicle. We strongly prefer it to be on the windshield in the lower drivers’ side corner where our gate staff can most easily see it. If your Permit is not affixed to your vehicle, or you cannot provide recent proof of Permit purchase (i.e., Permit has been renewed but not arrived in the mail), you will be charged gate admission at the applicable rate or denied entry based on current parking capacity. Permits may not be laminated or taped to your windshield. If you are having difficulty affixing it to your car, the gate attendant can help you on your first visit to the beach. 

Q: I am a Permit holder and made a reservation but can no longer come. How do I cancel?

A: Please only book a pass if you are sure you plan to come. If you aren’t able to make it, use our order look-up tool to cancel your reservation so other Permit Holders have a chance to visit. No-shows will be tracked, and we reserve the right to limit further reservations for repeat no-shows. 

Q: What is happening with the Bakers Pasture lot?

A: The Bakers Pasture lot will continue to be used as parking for Permit holders only this summer (2023), though it will be used occasionally for overflow parking at the discretion of the beach manager. Timed tickets are required to park in this lot. The Trustees are considering alternative approaches to Bakers Pasture parking in the future, and we will share updates when they are available.