Crane Beach FAQ for Non-Permit Holders

Q: What is new this year at Crane Beach?

A: Over the coming year, The Trustees will be phasing in admissions discounts based on Membership level and will no longer be offering Crane Beach Parking Permits for purchase. The new approach should improve the visitor experience and make tickets to Crane Beach more available. The new pricing takes effect this May for any Member who visits the Beach without a Permit.  

Q: Do I need a Timed Entry Pass to visit Crane Beach this summer?

A: Yes, tickets are still required. As in past years, we will release tickets at noon each Mondays (for the coming Tuesday-Thursday) and each Thursday (for the coming tickets Friday-Monday). The two-day-a-week release will begin May 18, 2023.  

Q: I am an Ipswich resident; do I need a Timed Entry Pass?

Residents arriving to the gate with a valid Ipswich Beach Sticker affixed to their vehicles do not need to reserve a Timed Entry Pass. 

Q: What is the cost to visit Crane beach this summer?

A: If you do not have a valid Permit, you will be eligible to reserve a ticket for admission as follows*:  

  • Individual, Family, and Contributing Members: 50% discount off the non-member price  
  • Supporting-level Members: $10, weekdays, weekends, and holidays. Free after 4 PM; free off-season. 
  • Sustaining, Sponsor, and Founder’s Circle Members: Free  
  • Non-members: $40 weekdays; $45 weekends and holidays 

* Tickets are per car, not per person; one ticket admits everyone in your car. Additional information on prices and visiting Crane Beach is available below and on The Trustees’ website.  

Q: What will the admission prices be throughout the year under this new system?

A: Click here to view the admissions discounts being phased in at Crane Beach as existing Parking Permits expire over the coming year. Our ticketing system will determine your Membership level when you make a reservation and apply the corresponding discount. Until your current permit expires, you may continue to make admissions reservations at no additional cost. 

Q: Will non-members still be able to access Crane Beach?

A: Yes. In fact, moving away from the Permit system will likely make timed tickets to Crane Beach a little more available for non-members. However, the popularity of Crane Beach means it may always be challenging to reserve a ticket.  

Q: Will people who walk and/or ride their bikes still enjoy free entry and do they need a timed ticket?

Pricing for summer visitors who do not arrive by car will be as follows:  


  • $5 for Individual, Family, Contributing and Supporting Members  
  • $10 for non-members.  

Bicycle or on foot:  

  • Members: free  
  • Non-members: $5    

Cape Ann Transportation Authority (CATA) (buses that operate independently of The Trustees and run between the Ipswich commuter rail station and Crane Beach on weekends during the summer. More information at  

  • Members: Free  
  • Non-members: $5  

*Additional information on prices and visiting Crane Beach is available on The Trustees’ website.